So, maybe I could have died tonight. I mean, if I was attempting to be deep I guess I could have died anytime in the last 23 years… But, tonight I really could have died. I think I should keep that in mind and I’m guessing that it’s the reason I’m not asleep right now. 5:37am; eyes stinging and still awake. It happened fast and we were terribly lucky. I really think that was a knife in the back of his pants. He was right there, less than a metre away, I could have died right there. And for what? Money? Because you want drugs? And look what it got you; the night in lockup. Maybe worse, I don’t even know.. Now don’t get me wrong, I not doing the ‘cherish every moment, I might be your last’ thing. I don’t think so at least. This is possibly just a reminder how simple it is. How easy it is for something like this to happen. This is a reminder that this really did just happen. Don’t live scared but be aware that this could have gone worse.

Come along, while we’re still young

Come along, while we’re still young

“We must accept the little victories for what they are, a step in the right direction.” Life is fighting me right now, but it doesn’t know who it’s up against ;)
“And I find myself just walking around, I’ve got my feet on the ground but my heads in the clouds”


Jared Padalecki on Ellen, arguing over whose name is more complicated. [x]

From when they had the same haircut..

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Some people just know what to say..

Some people just know what to say..


Me and you; I like it when its just us two. I’ll keep you like a secret and won’t let anybody see it - I wont say a word.
I could carry on like this forever.
Forever. Just like this.



Today’s answer to waiting for the repair man

Today’s answer to waiting for the repair man


I have been pushing uphill for a long time now, and then I finally stopped, and for a while there I just gave up. But this time, this time I let you stand me back on my feet. You didn’t push me, you just helped me up and that’s what I really needed. Thank-you.

You let these roads stretch out before me and now I have all these places to go. The world is shiny and new again - thanks to you.

"Baby I’m gettin’ better" - Gyroscope

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